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We know that the treatment of skeletal metastases is challenging. Our goal is to provide orthopaedic surgeons and patients with a diagnostic tool—a predictive model—that will help them decide whether surgery or a more durable implant is more appropriate. In doing so, we hope to avoid over- or under-treatment of the condition and maximize every patient's function and quality of life for the greatest amount of time.

How PATHFx Works

How PATHFx Works

PATHFx was externally validated using a large, international metastatic disease registry [1]. It is capable of generating the likelihood of survival at 3- and 12-months post-surgery. With this in mind, patients with short life expectancies may require less invasive surgery, including intramedullary nailing or other fixation techniques [2,3]. In contrast, patients with longer survival estimates are generally thought to require more durable reconstructive options that increase both the perioperative risk and the duration of rehabilitation [4,5,6].

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